Certificate Program on International Commercial Law

This certificate program provides the legal knowledge necessary to more effectively draft and manage international sales law contracts, as well as preserve rights and remedies when disputes arise under a cross-border sale.

What are the key learning outcomes I can expect from this Program?

After eight-weeks of lectures, readings and exercises, participants can expect to have gained:

  • A holistic understanding of the CISG, including applicability, contract formation, rights and obligations, remedies and damages
  • Knowledge of best practices to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of the CISG
  • Key differences between the CISG and UCC, as well as other key domestic sales laws
  • CISG considerations when representing a buyer versus a seller
  • An understanding of UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT
  • Transport risk and obligations under the CISG, including the relationship between the CISG and INCOTERMS

How do I enroll in the Program?

No application is required to enroll in the Program.  You simply register for the Program. 

How long is the Program?

The Program is eight-weeks, and is offered twice a year.

Who are the typical participants in the Program?

Commercial law practitioners, in-house counsel, contracts professionals (private sector and government), academics and law students* are encouraged to enroll.  Generally, our programs include a cross-section of participants from these different groups, originating from every corner of the globe.  There is a rich diversity of experience and perspective which provides tremendous value during discussions and exercises.

* Law students are only eligible to apply if they have completed a commercial law course (or its equivalent) and/or have participated in the Vis Arbitration Moot

I have noticed many sales contracts opt out of the CISG.  Why should I be interested in learning more about the CISG?

The United Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is the law governing two-thirds of the international trade of goods.

If traders and their lawyers opt out of the CISG, it must be for the right reasons and done correctly.  If the CISG is the applicable law, lawyers and traders must understand their rights and obligations created by the law as they navigate their sales contracts from start to finish.

This program will give commercial lawyers and contracts professionals involved in the cross-border sale of goods the information they need to make smart choices in their contract drafting and management, and any subsequent disputes. 

The program will also provide valuable insights on the relationship between the applicable sales law and supporting legal guidelines, rules and instruments, including INCOTERMS and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts.

My schedule is relatively unpredictable.  Will that pose a problem or prevent me from participating in the Program?

No. The Program was designed to provide flexibility for you to engage in a way that best suits your schedule. The live online interactive classes are scheduled on Thursdays at 9:30am New York time, however, if this time poses a conflict, participants are able to view recorded materials on their own time.

How much time will I have to commit to the Program per week?

Participants should expect to dedicate 3-4 hours per week in class preparation and participation - including live (or recorded) classes, reading and writing assignments, video lectures and exercises. All reading materials, video lectures and exercises will be provided as part of the course materials.

Do I have to invest in additional software or hardware to participate in the Program?

To effectively participate in the Program, participants must have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with a reliable internet connection.  They should also have speakers, a microphone and video camera connected to the device.  "Links" are provided to access the virtual online classroom, as well as online course materials and lectures.  No additional hardware or software is necessary. 

What kind of certificate will I receive at the end of the Program?  How will I be evaluated?

For participants that successfully complete the Program requirements, a certificate  is awarded by the Pace Law School IICL.  Participants must complete two writing assignments distributed during the Program and receive a grade of average or higher in order to receive the certificate.