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Autonomous Network of CISG Websites

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Nature of the Network

The foundation of the Autonomous Network of CISG Websites is collegiality. The Internet is a very inexpensive and effective way for us to cooperate in this manner.

This is a uniform law network. The world's uniform international sales law belongs to each country and to all countries. To help one another, we share experience and lessons learned. Each national or regional website provider designs its site to best serve traders and counsel of its home market; together we serve the world market. The network is synergetic -- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Sir Roger Bannister: The Four Minute Mile

"Relive one of the great moments in sports history: Roger Bannister's classic memoir of how he became the first to break the four-minute barrier in the mile." Franklin Press.

Uniform law: CISG article 7(1): The jurisconsultorium barrier

We too seek to break a barrier: a jurisconsultorium barrier. We seek to help set in place a global jurisconsultorium on uniform law for jurists and arbitrators of all jurisdictions, counsel who plead before them, law students, and scholars who comment -- to enable them to have an improved opportunity to consider doctrine and jurisprudence on uniform law from all jurisdictions, including jurisdictions other than their own.

When Roger Bannister broke his barrier, others proceeded to break this barrier in better ways than Bannister. Their successors learn from Bannister and from them. We seek the same. Pursuant to the mandate recited in Article 7(1) of the CISG, we seek to help break a jurisconsultorium barrier for an important uniform law. There are other important uniform laws with similar mandates. The methodology we implement together can also be applied to them. When others do so, their achievements will delight -- as occurred with Bannister's successors. We will learn from them. We will improve our service to our profession and to the world community.

We encourage scholars of all countries to join this endeavor. We will do our best to help you enrich your presentation by providing useful material for you to link to, as do all of the other network sites.

Our invitation

Help traders and counsel of your country

The Autonomous Network of CISG Websites is not yet world wide. Help make it so. For countries/languages not yet represented, consider a comparable service for your country. We court persons interested in uniform laws: professors, practitioners or students. Where you do not have Internet server capability, Pace offers to assist. Together we can make it happen. E-mail contact:

What is involved?

The elements of the typical network website consist of a text of the uniform law in one's language; a bibliography of scholarly writings on the uniform law that are of special interest to traders and counsel of one's market, with texts of such articles presented to the extent available; and data on emerging case law from one's market, with links to other network websites.

Website colleagues

To facilitate intra-network dialogues, suggested improvements and sharings of lessons learned, e-mail addresses are provided for each site and/or the regional representatives.

Africa. The CISG-Africa website is edited by Prof. Siegfried Eiselen, University of South Africa <> and hosted at his university.

Arab States. Middle East Center for International Commercial Law. Dr. Hossam A. El Saghir, Associate Dean for Higher Studies, Menoufia University Faculty of Law <>.

Australia. Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne. Lecturer of Law Bruno Zeller <>.

Austria. The CISG-Austria site is edited by Dr. Peter Konwitschka, Rechtsanwalt <>, Schnherr Rechtsanwalte OEG (Vienna) and Birgit Kurtz, Esq. <>, Alston & Bird, LLP (NY).

Belgium. A CISG-Belgium site on the Uniform International Sales Law was produced and edited at the Institute for International Trade Law of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. The members of the Institute are Prof. Dr. Hans van Houtte, Dr. Marta Pertegs Sender, Karen Vandekerckhome, Thalia Kruger <>, Johan Verlinden, Jos Decoker, Hans Das, Bart Delmartino, Viviane Verbist.

Brazil. CISG-Brasil website <>. Editor-in-chief: Leandro Tripodi <>.

Canada. CISG Canada was founded and is edited by Dr. Peter Mazzacano <>.

France. Centre juridique franco-allemand, Universit de la Sarre. Prof. Dr. Claude Witz, Chaire de Droit privfranais <>. Website administration

Greece. University of Athens. Dionysios Flambouras <>. Chair of the Board of Directors of the website: Dr. Michael Stathoppolos, Professor of Civil Law, Athens University (currently Minister of Justice of the Hellenic Republic).

Israel. Center for Commercial Law, Bar Ilan University. Dr. Arie Reich <>.

Italy. Centre for Comparative and Foreign Law Studies - Roma.

Japan. Kyushu University. Prof. Hiroo Sono <>.

Korea. CISG-Republic of Korea website editor: Danielle Choi <>

Latin America. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Professora Ma del Pilar Perales Viscasillas <>.

Mexico. The CISG-Mexico site is edited by Mtro. Alejandro Osuna Gonzalez <>. The host for the site is Universidad Iberoamericana, Plantel Noroeste, in Tijuana, State of Baja California, Mexico.

Netherlands. The emerging CISG-Netherlands website is hosted and edited by Patrick Bout <>.

Nordic States. CISG Nordic  provides coverage for all five Nordic States - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This site is edited by Thomas Neumann <> of the Aarus School of Business.

Russia. CISG-Russia website [pending]. Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Russian Federation Foreign Affairs Ministry (Chair of Private and Civil Law) and the International Law Firm "Moscow International Center for Entrepreneurship & Co. Prof. Alexandre Mouranov and Margaret Slavin eds. <>.

Slovakia. Edited by JUDr Juraj Kotrusz <> and JUDr Natalia Stefankova, Ph.D., the CISG-Slovakia website is sponsored by the Department of International Law and European Law at the Faculty of Law of Trnava University and the Law Firm of JUDr Pavol Gracik in Nitra.

Spain. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Professora Ma del Pilar Perales Viscasillas <>.

Switzerland. Edited by Prof. Ingeborg Schwenzer of the University of Basel, is a successor to the CISG online website of the University of Freiburg. The contact for this site is <>.

Thailand. The CISG-Thailand website is hosted by Sripatum University and edited by Dr. Jumpita Ruangvichathorn <>.

Turkey. CISG-Turkey website is hosted by Istanbul Bilgi University. The Chief-Editor is Prof. Dr. Yeşim M. Atamer <> and Assistant-Editors, Yasemin Kabaklıoğlu, LL.M. <>, Zeynep Damla Taşkın, LL.M <>.

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